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Just like the earth keeps accurate time for its revolution, Barcelona keeps its feet right on track with fashion trends and lifestyle. Neither the earth nor Barcelona have failed following their paths.

The original personality of Barcelona is delightful and found everywhere well within its boundaries. Whether you’re on the Madrid metro or a sleepy village, grocery stores or on busy streets of the central city everything in Barcelona captures the fashion roots. Even street lamps have redefined what future trends could look like.

Barcelona inspires living. Living that's new and changing every eye-blinking second. It speaks to bolster building and transition into a new-world, standing up with something distinctive and looking for a change.

As Barcelona’s place in fashion and lifestyle is marking up higher and higher, shopping hubs especially those which sell lifestyle and living elements are making their way into the changing world.

‘My Barrio’ is one such market hub that has been dwelling inside Barcelona with a strong vision of exploring lifestyle forecasting and future scenarios every single day. ‘My Barrio’ believed in balancing between creativity and availability. They, not only focused on the idea of creating unique and new designs but also drifted their niche towards making quality lifestyle available to everyone.

My Barrio LIP Label

Ember Red


This store marks a turning point for creating maximum visibility to the modern, contemporary and the present approach of styling. ‘My Barrio’, undoubtedly, serves as market trends and quality living flagship location to all - irrespective of social statuses of an individual.

If one has strolled through ‘My Barrio’ spaces, their momentum is easily captured. Through their intimately proportioned collections, they frame a story on trends, couture, style and everything centralizing towards independent living and love for fashion. Three words to describe this: innovative, artistic, breathtaking.

Today, LIP is honoured to display their products with ‘My Barrio'.


If not for anything but for juggling with your thoughts and knowing your senses of living one should visit ‘My Barrio'.

Future needs for a better living and challenges for a more sustainable tomorrow are just waiting in there!

Check out LIP Label on My Barrio: 

Ember White


Siroc Dark Green



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