Life: Existence - Being - Living

Have you ever wondered what's life without tomorrow?

Life is a limited edition. The future is the ultimate unknown - absolutely no guarantee! How much of your life have you already been waiting to actually live it? Hours? Days? Months? Or maybe, years! Well, to all those people who have been waiting for the perfect moment to arrive at their doorstep, the untold truth is that - it’s never happening. You need to just stop waiting!

There is no perfect moment than the present. Consider the present, not the future. Regardless of thinking about what happens later, cherish the present. How about always keeping in mind that now is all you have? Show the difference between existing and living. Quell the fear and longing - go, achieve happiness by just living your life every single ticking of the clock.

There’s nothing quite like the utter excitement, that is felt when you stand out with something unique. So, take a step back and be part of something bigger.

Live now, by adding a pair of LIP’s exclusive sneakers to your everyday couture.

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