Limited Collection Sneakers To Reach Beyond One’s Imagination

LIP is taking its passion one step further by launching a collection of Special Sneakers. A collection that stands as a testament to - “how is it possible to create luxurious yet clean product without compromising on neither quality nor design?” This special collection, checks off all the boxes for today's top-tier fashion trends with an endless code. To get back to the roots of exclusive styling, LIP chose to step into the mission of creating these limited sneakers with unique designs.

Did you know that slow fashion seems to be reaching incredible heights? Living a unique style with a sense of mindful consumption is something one should aspire as much as possible to save the finite resources. It is important to embrace sustainable fashion and adhere to sustainable principles to improve the way one lives. Time to live and let live. LIP strongly believes this. It believes that the shift towards sustainability in luxury fashion is not only indispensable but also an opportunity to save the future.

The Truth Is Worth It: Each Piece Is Handmade With A Sense Of Ecocult & Intricate Designing

LIP handcrafts these special sneakers with intricate details while parallely adopting new steps to use naturally sourced materials. LIP effectively uses the materials, recycles the residues and adopts eco-friendly initiatives to achieve its bold goals. To find out more about the underlying mechanisms beneath this sustainable strategy, take a look through The Making Of LIP

Bring value to the modern day fashion and secure the future of the upcoming generations.



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"Luxurious leather and super comfortable fit that gives a whole new dimension to LIP sneakers"

Jason Prada