The making of LIP Label

Talking about today’s vogue, there is a near-endless variety of brands, vintages, and fashion trends thriving exceptionally. In a scenario like this, finding that one perfect style which allows an intimate understanding of oneself can be a journey that spans a lifetime.

LIP makes this process way too easy for the present fashion seekers. LIP's distinct thought process helps people to discover themselves and listen to their inner soul.

To do this, LIP strongly steered it's thought process into roads-not-taken and paths-unseen.

Thought Process

LIP drops the conceptualism and believes in ‘Fashion Within’. Giving a head start to discover ‘a unique style’ that had a bit of cult, believing in the fine art of shoemaking, and marking every detail of the design with a proof of elegance – all together – this led LIP to create signature designs and exquisitely crafted masterpieces that can integrate with anyone's lifestyle.

Voice of Lip

We neither gave up nor compromised until we created what we wanted to. Our product is unique – using distinctive textures of Italian leather, a series of well-curated styles are thoroughly handcrafted by professional artisans and craftsmen. Every pair of LIP Sneakers allures and enhances a person’s self-style and personal look.

Clearly, LIP’s sneaker culture fuels the rise of a ‘New Generation’. A new generation that leads to the evolution of individuality and free-spirited styling. And that’s how we celebrate our success.

LIP’s fashion experts and style connoisseurs, created exceptionally trend-setting sneakers which cater to a variety of tastes.

The Top Designs of Lip Sneakers 2018 Collection


Featuring DEEP AND TIMELESS look with a twist of the whimsical styling. Attitudes might shift in unforeseen ways but leather obsession lives forever with dust


A true iteration of drama asserting statements of SELF-EXPRESSION


Iconic, REVOLUTIONIZED and a clear fashion clue of everyday moderate essential


Futuristic and intense, echoing the expression of an ENERGETIC NEW


A tasteful blend of subliminal and ECLECTIC fragments


Influential design with artistic sensitivity and contemporary silhouette - a youthful energy that typically NEVER FADES

Top picks

"Luxurious leather and super comfortable fit that gives a whole new dimension to LIP sneakers"

Jason Prada