Sol's hair stories

By using ‘Black Hair’ as a theme of expression,  Sol Bela Mele is exhibiting her work on 05/10/2018 at Centre Cívic Pati Llimona, Barcelona Spain. 

 In the early days of history, just like other Black Women, Sol is grown up by facing infamous and stereotype experiences. This made Sol emerge as a unique personality with bold thinking. She’s fiercely independent and is proud of the fact she is emotionally cold. Pulling all her struggles together, Sol lived her passion through photography.

Through the new series of Sol's work, she wants to show the versatility and beauty of Afro hair.

The whole photo project - THE HAIR STORIES is a reflection of Sol's childhood memories with her mother. In this work, Sol pictured Black Women to highlight their strong personalities, struggle they faced in life and their strong character towards succeeding at every step they walked further.

Through this exhibit, Sol wants to prove one more time the beauty that Black Women carry with them - whether it's their black hair or their souls - they stand out from the rest and nothing can stop these women.

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