Thank You

Thank you for being part of our journey. It is you who inspires us to go above and beyond while crafting the fashion culture. Today, we began to feel more confident with the recognition you gave us. Your belief in us brought the best of what we do.

You are here with us at every step of our journey. In the process of impressing you with our work, we discovered ourselves. Our bold decisions to give you the best lead us to set up a qualitative benchmark in the run. In an attempt to get you where you want to go in fashion, we rose up to the top of the ranking.

You are the sole purpose of what we do. You keep us on the right track and uplift our work. It's your trust that motivates us to create and recreate. Thank you and we value your confidence in us. As this year converged to an end with the great support of you, we would like to pop the champagne and toast the year ahead with our vows.

Our promises To The New Beginning

No Boundaries: We shall strive to cater the best style to you limitlessly

Transparent: We shall keep you within us for you to see the exact - nothing fallacious

At Your Service: We shall make tireless efforts to reach your expectations

Hope: We shall be your forever hope and inspiration to live an updated lifestyle

A Thought For The Planet: We shall commit to making fashion sustainable

The Present: We shall bring you only the fresh, the new and the present style 

Cheers to the annual flip! Happy Living In the Present!

Top picks

"Luxurious leather and super comfortable fit that gives a whole new dimension to LIP sneakers"

Jason Prada