Walking Through The Lens Of Diana Keisa

Diana’s style of photography demonstrates her versatility and personality. Right from her childhood, she has empowered her passion with zeal and confidence. Every picture she captures show a strong emphasis on various aspects like beauty, lifestyle, nature and emotion. Being entirely self-taught, Diana has built her style and repertoire through years of dedication following her passion. Everything she did at work is well marked by her natural ease with the people.

This is just a little, we’ve got to know her more. Look into her thoughts she shared with us:

What was your inspiration to dedicate yourself to the world of photography?

I’ve always been drawn to photos that make you feel something different. I was so intrigued by a thought of freezing the moment forever through photography. It’s all started when my dad gave me my first camera. I still remember - it's an Olympus Camedia 765 Ultra Zoom 4.0 megapixel. I was just 16, and since then I took my camera everywhere with me and photographed absolutely everything. I had always been clicking, clicking and just clicking.

The times when I grew up, there is not so much of smartphones, selfies, and Instagram models. So, if someone was walking with a camera and taking pictures of you, they were not considered as a cool person :D

My biggest inspiration has emerged from people's emotions towards their photograph taken by me. Looking at their happy faces can say that I created a moment for them. What a feeling! It's them who inspired me to create something that brings positiveness and happiness into people's lives. This is the media I chose to create such a concrete emotion.

Whether it is yesterday, today or tomorrow, for me, Photography is a way of finding and exploring myself. It is a passport that takes me to people, places and all possibilities of the world.

What is your biggest challenge as a photographer ?

If you follow photographers from all over the world – you’ll see incredible photos from all over the world. Which makes me feel that there is always room for improvement. I believe that for a photographer, it's not the success that helps to improve but it's the process of looking back at mistakes made at work. So, I learn every single day from my photographs and strive to make my learning better. As a photographer, it’s the biggest quest for me to keep challenging myself and find one particular signature and style.

It's less than a year since I started lifestyle and portrait photography.

Until then I never worked so close with people, specifically professional models, but it's amazing once I started working. Meet new personalities, trying to understand them, establishing a mental connection with them, all together lead to creating a comfortable environment thereby leading to the best results.

What are you looking to transmit with your lens?

Even if it is a serious project and the photos must be done in a professional manner, for me and my team, every photograph still radiates happiness. The secret is all behind the scenes of running the photoshoot - fun and lots of positive moments!

What is beauty for you?

Beauty is defined in so many ways! What I have discovered is that beauty is simple. Beauty is happiness. It’s not that all beautiful people are happy but definitely, all happy people are beautiful.

What is it for you to live in the present?

To be thankful for everything that you have now. All little things that you have at this present moment. Because these little things are the ones which create big memories. So many people are so worried about the future and things what they would like to have in the future. That is how they forgot to stop for a moment and appreciate how lucky they actually are. Because in the end of the day all we have is now!




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