LIP Label Barcelona, is a lifestyle brand with its roots in the sole sense of living in the present.

We create luxurious, high-end leather goods and fine accessories at affordable prices.

We consistently convey a true European sensibility rooted in sophisticated, intelligent and natural designs.
Sarvesh Mamgain established the brand in 2016

"I want to share my journey of creating a positive impact across the globe.

I want to inspire a generation of dreamers, visionaries, and creators.

LIP was created to remind every individual to “live in the present”, to be more aware of the now.

 Our rove brings us closer to our vision, and I could bring my vision to life by being present in my present.

It’s not the future or the past one must worry about, it’s the present that one should live in.

This is where our inspiration lies. 

LIP was wholeheartedly created to celebrate individuality and the vision for constant growth, to contribute, to express the passion of creation.

LIP was created to be a part of every individual's journey, from every walk of life."




After spotting a gap between the luxury market and high street fashion, we teamed up with the mission to create a new generation in vogue - bringing lifestyle to an equation with freedom. We want to inspire everybody to LIVE IN THE PRESENT.

At LIP, we offer great comfort, high quality and value for money products all in our handcrafted timeless designs.

We are ambitious and passionate - Ambitious to turn dreams into reality. Passionate to upscale today’s lifestyle boutique with a sense of inspiration that comes from talented souls. Our vision is to make one feel powerful about themselves and believe in their fashion and personal style from studio to street.