LIP Label Barcelona, is a lifestyle brand with its roots in the ethos of “living in the present”.

We create luxurious, immaculately crafted ,high-end leather fashion Sneakers for enthusiasts

and connoisseur alike.

We consistently convey a true global design sensibility, rooted in a sophisticated and classic

interpretation of the brand ethos.

The past is history... The future’s the present that one should live in.
LIP is born out of passion to celebrate individuality LIFE and creativity.
This is where our inspiration lies.



Our Brand aims at bridging the gap between street wear and luxury, Shoes that the gen. Now would identify with as much as the more classic consumers.
Uncluttered, simple, vibrant with the timeless beauty of understated classics, his the new avatar of a future forward design language.

At LIP, we offer unparalleled comfort, high quality, timeless design and value for money in our

handcrafted products.

The brand is about YOU.. it’s about NOW.. and it’s about LIVING