The ever-increasing global demand for leather and leather products continues to rise every year. Due to which there is a significant change in environmental quality. At LIP Barcelona we take responsibility for the environment we create and live in. 

LIP Barcelona is not just about producing the quality, it’s also a thought about eliminating hazardous manufacturing techniques and materials at every step of the production process. We are eco-conscious. We enforce sustainable manufacturing practices, to create something that can be easily broken down to earth. We ensure a better standard of living not for just now but for the future.

While making the efforts to be more sustainable, LIP has never given upon quality, freshness, style, and uniqueness that it creates. We at LIP have involved many advances in choosing materials, technology and processing routes for the production of intelligent designs which are genuine and sustainable.

Everything that is labeled as LIP is carefully checked for all possible toxic chemicals and all the chemicals used throughout the leather tanning process is well within the threshold limits of REACH. The leathers also pass all the litigations, product testing, recent trends, of Prop 65 and are compliant with it.

While upholding a handcrafted shoe-making technique, we take a lot of care to make the product not only robust but also sustainable.

LIP Barcelona adopted few measures to reach REACH and Prop 65 standards and ultimate sustainability:

  • We maintain product coating and polishing to a minimal and well tailored to reduce environmental impact.
  • We make sure that the tannery waste streams are well treated before disposal. Therefore, causing no harm.
  • We perform random checks all years long to monitor and to maintain low levels of the chemical in the product.
  • We use leather well audited and minimizes wastage while shaping leather with minimum cut-offs.
  • With an in-house research and development team, we continuously strive to increase the share of the organic sources for the production.


We Live In the Present and this is our ethical agenda towards shaping the now.