SIROC - Dark Green


Symbolising the force within, which manifests itself in various avatars through the journey of life

Origin - Designed in Barcelona. Handcrafted in Portugal
Upper - Italian Semi-Aniline KIP leather
Outsole - 100% rubber sole
Footbed - Italian leather over the removable molded insole
Lining - Super soft and breathable Italian leather
Insole - Memory foam insole
Laces Flat waxed cotton
Aglets - Metal aglets
Construction - Strobel construction for extra flexibility and durability

    Our product is made out of high-end, Italian leather which is carefully handcrafted right from start to finish so that each of the product has its own unique character. We, LIP Barcelona, evolved to feature these handcrafted sneakers that are designed perfectly to fit the soul of your style. Here's how we did it;

    Our Shop Floor:

    For generations, our artisans and experts have studied leather and its nuances. Today, with all the accumulated knowledge, our craftsmen create products that elevate every element of the design and leather.


    Strobel Construction:

    While stitching upper leathers and lining to the insole of footwear, we are upholding a traditional handcrafted shoe making technique to make the product robust and long-lasting.

    Semi-Aniline Leather Coating:

    While leathers may seem similar on the surface, not all leathers are created equally. After years of research, we’ve figured that semi-aniline leather coating makes the product durable and best suited for the purpose. Through this, we achieved to create a smooth and an even coloration without compromising on the natural feel of leather.

    Semi-Chrome Leather Tanning: With a strong passion towards providing more flexible and softer leather, we adopted re-tannage of leather.

    LIP Barcelona: Fragments Build Together

    Leather For A Lifetime - KIP

    This untanned hide is extremely soft and luxurious. Light as a feather; top class on performance, comfortable, durable and just gets better with age.

    Exceptionally Shaped - Insole

    Our insoles - high-quality memory foam padding that keeps its bounce throughout your walk, giving your feet a little care whatever the weather. Perfectly cut and shaped to make your feet feel happy.

    Sophisticated Outline - Memory Foam

    Moulds seamlessly to the shape of your feet and adds an elegant contour - while delivering reliable support, comfort and even distribution of balance.

    A Pair Of Minutiae - Aglet

    On the ends of the laces, there are these ingenious tiny tips. Although lost to one's attention-a several times, our aglets keep your laces from fraying, compliment the shoe style and create a sophisticated custom look.

    The Ground Touch - Rubber Sole

    Focusing on providing the right amount of grip 'n slip, LIP designed the outsole - high quality 100% rubber, thick and durable - to make the shoe last for ages and make you walk every step with confidence.

    Quick Knots - Waxed Cotton Shoelace

    Carefully crafted and weaved using only premium, natural cotton threads with a finishing coat of wax. The shoelace is designed in a slim width to create perfect loops when tied. Each lace color blends and suits all styles of shoes seamlessly giving them a clean edge.

    A Gentle Strip Of Leather - Shoe Tongue

    Our sneakers are well made with unique tongue design that projects an air of buttoned-up elegance and creates an ever more vivid style.

    Highly Breathable - Lining

    Lined with the softest and finest quality Italian leather, it cushions and comforts the foot. The lining is durable, allows smooth gliding of your feet into the sneaker and conforms to the shape of the feet extremely well.

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